How I rebuilt Basecamp's hill chart
How I rebuilt Basecamp's hill chart
Apr 18, 2020 10:20 PM (2 months ago)

I've always been curious about these things, I mean these damn charts 📈 how they made and how they works. Specially interactive ones like Basecamp's Hill chart. Dont worry if you have no idea about it, today I'm gonna satisfy my curiosity and hopefully yours.

# So what the story

While I'm working on my next big project which happens to be a fully-featured-all-in basecamp clone, I reached a mile-stone at todo lists. I liked how they used charts to visualize the progress of project's tasks, it's all about seeing the bigger picture. At this point I had no clue of how I'm gonna pull this off. 2 days later I found d3.js saw some vidos on how you can easily minpulate data on a chart and it clicked


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